Small in size but also its inventors

In our daily life some of the things that we consume and use, despite the passage of years, but we do not know who they are inventors, saw me on some of them .

_Marion Donovan invented disposable diapers in 1950.

_Walter Hunt innovative clip clothes in public
_Norman Joseph invented (Universal Commodity Code) in 1948

_Benjamin Franklin innovative eyeglasses in 1748

Kraft first invented cheese cooked in 1903 and known as Kraft cheese

George Chrome innovative Potato Chips in 1853
John Pemberton composite cola drink in public

 Walter Deemer innovative chewing gum in 1928 
Talibe Pradhan composite drink Pepsi in 1890
Thomas Lipton innovative Lipton tea bags in 1908
William Mitchell innovative powder juice (Tang) in 1957

How the prisoner turned millionaire once thought

All who knew him said that he was a very bad boy, please never behind the best .. Perfect model for the (Bad Boy) as Westerners say .. Spent 11 full years in prison, on charges of possession and drug abuse, as well as other crimes .. That night, the offender is brown "Clyde Paisley Clyde L Beasily" watching television in his cell at the prison, through this channel, which was presented finalist for one of the games of golf, which he loves to see eagerly .. But unfortunately, did not continue the game, was stopped in the middle of it because of the heavy rain on the pitch suddenly .. This stop making boy  and complain .. Not enough prison and the loss of experienced, then comes the rain to spoil it one of the best moments, as he watched his favorite first sport, and watched with great interest, without other sports .. Here jumped in his mind is an amazing idea! Is also following the sport of tennis .. And know that this fun sport has been converted into a mini sport similar thereto, but play on a big table .. There are other sport has become full name "table tennis" .. Why are not there a miniature version of the game of golf, can be played on the back of the table and wide? .. And be called "Golf Table Table Golf" .. And be a combination of golf and the game of billiards?! Then, there will be no rain delay dates Alambarayat undoubtedly! Although bizarre idea, but it is severely obsessed to the point that he began in designs and new fantasies of the game, and began drawn on paper .. And puts its laws and borders and table space, and other details .. After 11 years in prison .. Out "Clyde Beasley" a free man after he led his sentence .. Something came out of the best ever can pull it out .. Out a new idea! Once released from prison, the first thing to do, "Clyde" is to be directed to a shop selling tools and equipment, and he bought Milesmh to implement his idea, cost about $ 200 .. He returned to his home, and embarked for long nights in making a prototype of the idea .. After already making his model, and his experience and has tested himself several times, did not stop at that .. But he invited some children, adolescents and young people in his neighborhood, and asked them to try innovative new model .. What was them that did, however, express admiration societies serious game designed by, and its idea and laws .. Here Clyde Beazley knew that in his hand a precious treasure .. Has been designed and manufactured, leaving him only the most important part .. and harder .. Marketing unprecedented new product .. ********************** Hamas Clyde emerged to all entities that can adopt this idea, starting with sports clubs and entertainment stores and places of entertainment .. Displays on each of the corresponding product and innovative design .. However, the norm of any new idea is crazy, must be received traditional disapproval of people .. Rejected many of the clubs and bodies just listen to him, watching his product .. But he did not give up at all .. And continued with the utmost patience and determination .. On one occasion, suggested to him the owner of a shop, after the "Clyde" introduced the idea .. Suggested to him that the new head Belath to billiards seasonal gallery U.S., which is held in the city of Las Vegas .. This exhibition was in July of 2003 .. In this exhibition, was impressed by one of the companies designing billiard tables to the idea of ​​"Clyde Beazley," and has adopted the idea and manufactured and marketed, and began to spread among consumers with surprising speed, and put the new prices for the game ranging from $ 150 to $ 700 .. In 2005 .. Sales exceeded game designed by "ex-prisoner" five million dollars, and after that he put a lot of options and upgrades in designs .. Clyde now a famous millionaire businessman, still to this day determined to give lectures incentive on multiple occasions, which tells the story of his life, initiated by outlaw addict, and went to be a successful businessman, an innovative .. He has several million dollars! Because one idea came to him in a rainy night as he watched the game of golf! *********************** One expert mentioned that your mind goes more than 4,000 daily idea .. Even people who consider themselves traditional people, pass Bozhanhm thousands of new ideas every day .. Only have the ability to immobilization of these ideas, analysis and purification of impurities, and subject to the pilot thought, is to succeed in show of existence .. And achieve millions from behind .. In short: you store of new ideas unprecedented .. But you do not think originally grasped or converted from just an idea into reality .. Now you read your own "prisoner" fell from the eyes of the whole community morally and professionally one day .. Turning thanks to just one idea to a millionaire businessman runs his own company, and coach for Human Development "teach you how to succeed!" Are you still determined to live that life traditional dull, and leave others to think and succeed, and you only surprised when you read or hear about them?! This your decision you anyway

Make friends with fierce animals in Argentina

Zoo controversial in Argentina allows tourists to have meetings and work very closely with some of the most dangerous predators in the world.
 Zoo visitors can ride lions, cuddle bears, tigers and leopards any cages are accessible to everyone for $ 50 sign a paper that the zoo is not responsible for you if predators as meal and children are allowed to enter the lion cages. I will repeat it. The children are allowed to enter lion cages

Moments changed the course of the lives of their owners completely

We see every day dozens and perhaps hundreds of pictures in every hour and every moment. Image may pass before your eyes  Such as spectrum without Notice may remain in your memory to affect you, including in respect of the meaning or feelings or thoughts ..

And because the picture is a thousand words they carry her words of those messages might contribute to change someone's life may contribute to change in the whole world!

So let us see through this thread some images that will not be erased from the memory of history:
صور نادرة لأحداث تاريخيةThe first digital computer in the United States of America in 1946

 Is one of the worst pictures that will not forget the memory of history, and show Vietnamese girl, Kim Phuc nine years which carried her body burned after the Americans bombed her village napalm incendiary bombs.

صور نادرة لأحداث تاريخية
 President Kennedy was shot dead

One of the most famous images that immortalized the attacks of September for an unidentified man jumped from the World Trade Center trying to save himself!!
Photographer Richard Drew commented on this image, saying: "I did not shoot the man's death, but picked up a part of his life!!"

Famous symbolic image shows construction workers eating their lunch at the work site one of the skyscrapers in New York City.
Snap photographer Charles إبتس this picture in 1932.

صور نادرة لأحداث تاريخية
 Elvis Presley during his service in the army
 صور نادرة لأحداث تاريخية
Che Guevara and Fidel Castro
 Charlie Chaplin, Mahatma Gandhi
 .To Tqt photographer Eddie Adams's 1968 executions take place in the street against a prisoner accused of joining the Vietnamese revolutionaries.
This image was one of the images that contributed to the shipping American public opinion against the war in Vietnam.
 And we will meet again to display more photos which is the San peoples in the past described

Magnificence of driving under the water with Volkswagen

فولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكLaunched the Volkswagen on the car name and is crate Volkswagen mobile to detect sharks and th
at is very similar in Design Volkswagen distinctive "beetle", which can be driven by divers like any normal car they contain wheels and headlights to see better in the dark.فولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكHave you ever imagined that you go cruise to view and explore the depths of the sea or ocean in a car? Maybe yes, but that is no longer fiction but became a reality you can experience and enjoy them whenever you want.
The company has Volkswagen in collaboration with the Discovery Channel to produce a car with a gorgeous design mobile can take you to a voyage to explore the depths of the sea to see sharks close to the point that you can touch it ... Can you believe it!فولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكIt also contains the pipes are made ​​of aluminum to protect divers from sharks (as you see in the pictures), and equipped with pneumatic entire system built with fans that works to move the vehicle and driving. As we said in the past has collaborated Volkswagen with the Discovery Channel and expertise her Divers  they supervise and work with the team ..
Said Justin Osborne, general manager of marketing and communications at Volkswagen of America: "We wanted this job is leaving a good impression of our brand Volkswagen in Shark Weekفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكI leave you with the rest of the imagesفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذكفولكس سيارة متنقلة تأخذك

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