Screamed ... toilet-shaped house to chairman of the Korean Society of toilets

Toilet-shaped house owned by Mr. Sim Jae-Duck, representative of the World Assembly of toilets in Korea and who calls himself proudly, "Mr. Toilet."

Says the employees of the Assembly that this house built to the most important principles of Assembly which is to raise awareness about the importance of using the toilet in our lives and it is not just a place to get rid of the waste but it is a place that goes on when people hours of comfort, happiness and relaxation, according to express the home owner and Chairman of the Assembly.

Obesity problem ....But what is the solution?

Operates 94 global pharmaceutical company to develop 176 kinds of weight loss capsules, these companies are racing to reach the capsule safe and effective way to achieve this end.

This comes after the spread of obesity dramatically in a world where suffering in the United States alone, 44 million people (60 million according to other estimates).

They spent last year alone on medicines and lotions and anti-obesity exercises $ 41 billion, and they realize the gravity and are ready to pay any price to get rid of them.

In 1991, The University of Florida in the United States a questionnaire to forty-seven people from obese patients, most of them said that he would prefer to become blind or deaf to grow and weighed more than it is.

In a recent survey conducted in the United States, offered to schoolchildren pictures of children with disabilities (paralyzed or not moving only Bekazat, or amputees hands) and then offered them also the image of a child obese, students chose obese child's image as the worst of these images and the most hatred.

Strangest stories about the cannibal in 2012

Cannibalism of old habits practiced by some tribes in Africa, Asia and some islands in the Indian Ocean, and can also say that this habit is still ongoing with some individuals in the modern era is the latest, here are some cases that were recorded during the year 2012 for humans eat human beings
Canadian eat meat_
The Luka Rocco Magnota (29 years) works exhibitor fashion in Montreal, Canada, has been accused of murdering his friend, Chinese John Lane, where he stabbed him Bmaul and slaughtered then he Ptkotaiah and disarm his head and his eating pieces of flesh and feed some of them to a dog, and did not stop at that, where the Lucaphotographed what he did and put it on one of the sites the Internet and mocked authorities by sending parts of the body to the political parties, the big Canada, and despite being chased by the police has been able to Luca from traveling to Paris and then Berlin, where he was arrested there while sitting cafe
as he watched the latest news about theInternet and looking at pictures.

Man resides feast of the members of his body_

Mao Sugiyama had without the tweets readiness for a meal from some members of his body compared to 100 thousand yen (4700 SAR) with the preparation and cooking of those members according to buyer's request, has responded to his 5 people have eating its members in the banquet Luxury last April has received 250