Facebook launch officially documented Pages service or personal files such as Twitter

Declared the site "Facebook" officially announced the launch of what is known as personal pages or files documented, along the lines of my site "Twitter" and "Google Plus."

And appear in the pages or personal files documented along with the name in the diary page a small blue circle inside the "check mark", as well as to the reliability also appear in the search results within the site.

By making this feature can be for site users to trust that owns or oversees the Test bank one of the pages or accounts of celebrities or journalists, or even government accounts official, or any other, is the thread true to these characters or institutions, and that everything published, including fall responsibility of the owner, as is the case within a site "Twitter."

This feature comes from "Facebook" to follow the example of other social networks, in order to reduce the fake accounts and identity theft.

It is noteworthy that the first began to adopt this feature of social networking is "Twitter" then what other broadcast networks adopting, where the network Pinterest last October by adding this feature, and then sustained network "Google Plus."

Will eat or watch them....(Creator chisels and paint Cheese)............

Is different from the concept of all the people of cheese for food, for the Italians is cheese valuables worth working specifically to protect banks. And Egyptians Pharaohs the fare is worth saving, but also inside the stomach .. As more people wonder understand the British who were not treated cheese as a food and as but as a value worth the work tastier and delicious statues of them to display in museums with the development of an alert and clear to visitors the effect: "No eating the exhibits" in order to warn them from eating any of
the displays in front of them.
شاهدوا بالصور: بريطانية تصنع ألذ التماثيل من الجبن
Perhaps the idea of ​​statues of the food is not new, it has witnessed the history statues of Dates at the hands of the tribe of Quraish Arabic, and statues of chocolate at the hands of the French and the Swiss, but the artist "Stadtat" the British decided to deal with the material softer and softer - so to speak - and that Made statues wonderful the cheese "Lao Lao" low-fat.

شاهدوا بالصور: بريطانية تصنع ألذ التماثيل من الجبن

شاهدوا بالصور: بريطانية تصنع ألذ التماثيل من الجبن

شاهدوا بالصور: بريطانية تصنع ألذ التماثيل من الجبن

شاهدوا بالصور: بريطانية تصنع ألذ التماثيل من الجبن

Audi old sixties fashion this summer's most popular...

Back this season, carrying with him a shout inherited from the era of the sixties, fashion femininity tyrant and striking designs bright colors which features The dress, which is owned of and soft suits and shoes in her designs. Of course, appearance is not identical as in the past, but with the addition of some details and accessories to it you will find a way to show yourself look the way you want.
Attractive panties

Start with one of the key pieces of this season, the high-waist pants and bold color-saturated. Choose trousers with wonderful Such as syphilis colors, blue and green and the other with a T-shirt and a formal jacket.

Feminine accessories

If you notice that jacket Alvenitg jacket old  on the bar in the front do not fit on your body, you can see it beautify some of the accessories that fit your shape and style. Make any piece of the features of the sixties, to be ready by the addition of distinctive accessories. Choose, for example, modern gold necklace, cocktail rings with large stones and other distinctive accessories that can add a distinctive touch and elegant and vital to Fantastic k.

Flowery dress

Fantastic are subject to dress this season. At the top my necklace is a great show to be part of your dress. Silk and chiffon fabrics soft and light, Aljorsa is one of the most popular fabrics in the sixties.


Spacesuit or Gampsot are also other fashion were popular with the legendary American designer Halston, and here they are today imposes itself in the spring of 2013. Which appeared colorful designs this season, even if shiny shiny fabrics and entered into the other. Suits seventies attractive for this season, Malesh with the distinctive masculine touch but at the same time carrying a contemporary feminine spirit. The target is the entire panoramic format in order to look harmonious and elegant. Add some Accessories Leather Khzam, shoes, or a short jacket of the limits of the waist with a single button. Enter the printing press also the designs or with
overlapping colors.
Do You dare and choosing this trendy fashion that Will ؟takes you back to the golden era