Imagine eating underground .. distinctive restaurant inside a cave in Italy

With the word "cave" bad mental image of isolation and darkness, but in Italy the word may mean a charming place to eat

This restaurant is located featured inside a cave in the town Bolliejnaro, Italian Amar, a part of Grota Hotel
Blazisa which offers customers the opportunity to eat Italian food inside a cave overlooking the sea!
The restaurant is down hotel grota Blazisa is a distinctive hotel has been designed on the rocks and appears

Dream and achieved the dream .. home inside a tree

Are you a fan of wildlife and nature in all its forms, you have vacant space in your home and you want to use them in an innovative way

If you are well, all you have to do is to think in a Luxury Tree house or luxury tree, which was designed by Blue Forest and is used in the rear courtyard of your home to 


receive guests or use it as a home business office

Is characterized by its large size home, which includes a modern kitchen and dining area and a private bathroom and a comfortable 

sofa and a huge bed, next to two small beds

Professional design also features wooden, and the presence of huge windows and doors made ​​of glass

And now enjoy with beautiful photographs