Live the meaning of Yoga

Renowned yoga as being useful for mental health as they work to improve mood and reduce depression, and preventing injuries to the body to chronic diseases such as diabetes, pressure, and cholesterol. This sport also struggling anemia because it helps to raise the level of hemoglobin (a protein carries iron) and eliminate neck and back pain effectively.

On the other hand, yoga helps to eliminate excess weight. The scientific tests have proven that yoga and a healthy diet help to completely eliminate excess weight. In addition, yoga exercises can be exploited to coordinate the form of the body's muscles and thus get a body like supermodels.

Always advised to exercise through yoga classes own sports because it is rather difficult. It must be practiced with a special coach to avoid the problems. Keep in mind the following tips when practicing yoga in order to keep in shape and your health:

- Not Tghebre yourself to practice yoga for a long time.

- Marcy constantly because yoga practice once a week will give you all the benefits of the sport.

- Stop immediately exercise that causes you pain.

- And train on an empty stomach.

- Do not put any kind of jewelry when practicing yoga.

- Wear loose-fitting clothing.

- Drink plenty of water.

- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins

Laptop magnificence pouches

We live in a world immersed in technology and increasingly we have to take the laptop to work.
usually the case where we do not combine with our clothes and our style.
If you are a you go to work every day, traveling around the world, work at home but you have to go occasionally to the office or just like to see Moda while you’re carrying your laptop.
If you’re tired of having to carry your laptop in classic black leather rectangular bag, let me tell you now have nice options. Below is a sample of what you can use to take your laptop wherever you go:
Bags for your laptop
Cute bag in turquoise and beige leather and nylon made. With several divisions to bring closure to everything you need including your laptop.
Bags for your laptop
Stylish and practical model. The ideal size for everything you need to take while you leave home. Made in nylon pink and red leather edges with self-adjusting strap for shoulder carrying comfort.

Bags for your laptopModel made in navy blue lightweight nylon with interior and exterior pockets. Self-adjusting strip of leather to mold to the length you need.
I hope that these models are to your liking.

Learn other figure of his shoes

 We are drawn to certain forms of shoes without the other every time we want to buy new shoes, but you my idea that the choice of a particular type or form of footwear may express personal rights worn?

Read what the experts have to say about it, and discover your personality shaped shoes that prferens it

احذية 2013 - صور احذية 2013 - احدث موديلات احذية 2013 168466.png1) the woman who loves to wear high heels very high is a woman liberal unconventional, looking for attention, and is fully aware of the nature feminine, self-confident and very strengths inside and always try to use them, but you may see some human being pampered and capricious mood, and even superficial Sometimes.

2) the woman who loves to wear shoes Filat or ballerina shoes is a thin woman inside the spirit of a little girl, love to make friends, but it may be boring sometimes. Always try to look open to everyone even though they do not open her heart to strangers easily, but that does not hide the kind nature always take into account the feelings of others.

احذية 2013 - صور احذية 2013 - احدث موديلات احذية 2013 168492.pngAnd usually the woman who loves to wear this kind of shoes a woman with a high taste in matters of fashion, as she likes to always buy and experience new clothes.احذية 2013 - صور احذية 2013 - احدث موديلات احذية 2013 168478.pngشوزات ارضي لمحبي الاحذيه الارضيه احذيه ارضيه

Toothbrush enabled "usb"

Dutch company Philips invented th
e first toothbrush works through the link "USB" in the world can in just a few minutes to achieve 100% clean teeth also beside bleached.

The Daily Mail newspaper that the British brush new dubbed "diamond clean" depends on the combination of power, water, air together, to provide great care dental through more than 31 thousand rapid movement per minute, which means effective high in cleaning up to100%.

And keen Phillips to provide brush set of capabilities unique, offering users 5 different styles of cleaning teeth, according to the desire of the user, and continues to work each pattern for two minutes maximum to be determined shortly available in the brush, and offer users a program distinct can live up the level of oral health in 14 days only, but not limited to the task of cleaning brush, but you also bleach teeth according to a special pattern lasts for 30 seconds.

The most distinguishing feature of the brush innovative, is shipping routes different Btaratha via the link "USB", and can be charged brush way wireless through "a glass charger" is plugged compass "USB" to the computer, and when batteries are shipped fully known user through lighting certain

Two decades later a person up to him a message from World War tied in pigeons

After half a century of World War II found British warship encrypted message in the skeletal remains of a bird homers.
He discovered David Martin Temple while he was renovating his house in (Surrey), where it became clear there capsule small red strapped bone list and contains an encrypted message, which show that was born in 1944, where researchers expected that loaded message from France on the Allied invasion of the beaches French Bank on June 6, 1944.
He adds historians and experts that this bird could have strayed due to bad weather or perhaps weary long journey over the English Channel was unable pursue aviation until the target, try taking a break over the window sill in the house (David) but the effort BIEBER until he died  there, note that the place of arrival is one of the centers selected agency (MI6) to British intelligence and the reality at a distance of 130 km north of the house of David Martin.
And hastened British organizations to claim grant this bird medals (Deakin) as a hero of the heroes of the war, noted that half of the animals who have been honored even today in Britain,'s total 64 animals are birds homers in addition to 28 dogs and 3 horses and never had one.
The confidential documents revealed that the British trained more than 250 thousand birds Zajil to transmit messages during the war

Learn the latest types of digital cameras and specifications

Under development for digital cameras we do not Nkhaloa them and sometimes acquire these machines randomly somewhat without a study of the needs of the photographer or the features found out For an expected result from picking up a certain image must be camera preset terms of potential for this snapshot therefore diversity produce these Machines commensurate with the need of the photographer. In this article we will review digital imaging and machine types.
Digital cameras What does this mean?
In fact when we call camera it digital, it applies if one of the cameras that rely on a memory card storing images in the form of numbers the system binary (zeros and individual) and using the means of showing digital data to view images stored and most important: screens and printers.
And digital cameras of all kinds are dropping the captured image on an electronic chip called the sensor (Sensor), which here acting as a film in cameras Filmah.
And digital cameras are divided into three basic types will review the advantages and disadvantages.

The first type: compact digital cameras | Compact Cameras
The smaller types of digital cameras and most prevalent among users of others professionals so that you can put it in your pocket (pocket camera) and fall these cameras under another name, a Point and Shoot abbreviated b (P & S) and this label back to nature photography these machines because they requiring only that aim at the target and imagined.

1. Appropriate size and weight.
2. Ease of Use.
3. Price is reasonable for the results of the imaging preset automatic.
1. Control settings is limited.
2. Can not replace the lens they are considered part of the imaging Aloat.
3. Sensor chip (Sensor) is smaller than in other types of imaging machines, which may cause confusion in the photos when shooting in insufficient lighting.
4. Unavailability considering slot (Viewfinder) sometimes use the display which makes image capture in direct sunlight somewhat difficult process.
But in spite of these shortcomings, it is considered good quality footage family that does not need to factor Technical mostly with other privileges began posed competitors in this field, such as cameras simple nanomedical (Ultra Compact), carrying with advantages and disadvantages but they are smaller in size than usual. The cameras Advanced Compact and developed in which the control is manually and focal bringing $ 3X to 7X.
Type II: the camera Bridge - Bridge or SLR-like Cameras
The link between compact cameras and professional, therefore, called bridge Bridge machines which contain features of both types fixed Fdsthe and similar in shape to professional cameras, a full manual control and after focal $ 7X to 18X.

A DSLR cameras used by professional photographers usually are companies Nikon and Canon known manufacturers of this type of camera.
DSLR | contains a mirror that reflects what passes through the lens of a specific look that allows the photographer to see the target precision, color and brightness and framing are recorded and taken in the form of the captured image data.
This type allows the use of several lenses including commensurate with the need of the photographer and the size of the sensor (Sensor) more content in the type I and II which reduces noise when shooting in dim lighting.

Not only that .. .
With the continuous development in the production of digital cameras, each type falls below a lot of different cameras in features, and this important commercial competition and serve photographers and all they have to do is choose the camera commensurate with Aanaajthm and orientation.

1. Selection of appropriate lenses according to the needs of the photographer.
2. The presence of specific consideration Viewfinder.
3. This type accurately focus on the goal.
4. Speed ​​of response.
5. Image quality compared to the other types.
● Size and weight is relatively large, which may not suit some amateur photographers.
● use of this type needs to learn some pre-imaging settings.
● some lenses prices for some types of imaging may be high

Strangest and the latest and transportation around the world

Although we are at the beginning of 2013, where more and means progress conductors and easy and sophisticated, but some people see this development in another form, or perhaps they are not finding is that invent appropriate conditions so we can not blame them..Here is some of them.


قطار البامبو الخشبي، كمبوديا Monte toboggan ـ جزر ماديرا البرتغالية

 At the same time come to see the latest this means "Steel Dragon", Germany
تلفريك أو ترام جزيرة روزفلت ـ نيويوركChairlifts Roosevelt Island, New Chairlifts Roosevelt Island, New YorkBut actually people who have it and others have lavish such is life.!

Horrible ..A man risking his life and swim underwater with anacondas rewarding humans

Time for your close-up: Banfi was able to reach out and touch this massive anaconda sunbathing on the riverbank having devoured a capybara rodent

Say cheese! Banfi, 53, goes up close to take an underwater shot of one of the anacondas. He saw six huge female snakes during his time in Brazil
On the prowl: The bright sunlight suggests this anaconda is close to the surface and about the attack

Hunting: This anaconda scans the surface of the water looking for prey such as mice, fish or birds

Ready to strike: Brave diver and snake enthusiast Franco Banfi captured this image of an enormous anaconda snake lurking beneath the surface of a river in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil

Best hairstyles

Beautiful formate, your hair formate in short, the grandest formate

صور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_917.png
صور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_463.png

صور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_668.png
صور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_343.pngصور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_211.png

صور فورمات شعر للمناسبات hayah_1349734650_543.png

Secrets of the vote that we issue during sleep

Getting a good night's sleep makes all the difference in your happiness, success and overall health, according to Jayme Barrett author of Feng Shui Your Life (Sterling Ethos 2012). A few nights of restless sleep can wreak havoc on your nerves but when you're well-rested, daily stresses decrease, she says. Below you'll find ancient feng shui organizational recommendations for creating an environment that supports sound sleep.

1. Proper Bed Position - The best position for your bed is against the wall, diagonally opposite from the door. You'll feel protected and relaxed if you can see the door from your bed. If your bed is under a window, energy moves in and out causing interrupted sleep.

2. Clean Mattress with Soft Bedding - If you've had a long illness in your bed or are still hanging on to a mattress from your ex, it's time to get a new one. Mattresses hold energy and it's important to sleep with healing and loving energy. Soft sheets make a huge difference too. Five star hotels are now selling their luxurious Heavenly Beds so if you sleep soundly in your next hotel room, you'll be able to buy the mattress, sheets, duvet and cover!

3. Soothing Colors - Colors on your walls, bedding, window treatments and artwork can help you calm down at night. Switch to light green, blue, lavender, peach, pink or neutral tones for peaceful energy.

4. Mood Lighting - A couple hours before bedtime, start dimming the lights to help your inner clock move towards sleep. Candles are also a sensual and soothing way to calm the spirit. Use aromatherapy candles to further relax the body. Try lavender, rose, sandalwood, jasmine or gardenia. Perhaps you can say a prayer for a good night's rest as you light it.

5. Remove Energy Stimulants - Avoid gadgets, big and small, that send out powerful electromagnetic energy causing many sleep and health issues. The bedroom is the place for sleep and sex, not work or exercise. This includes the TV, digital clock, treadmill, computer, answering machine etc. If you can't live without them, enclose the TV in an armoire and cover the treadmill or computer with silk fabric. Unplug them too. Add a peace lily plant to absorb some of the electrical energy.

6. De-clutter Mental Stimulants - The best way to quiet your mind is to clear all clutter from your bedroom and from under your bed. Remove all work-related projects, bills, and files to disconnect from work stress. An abundance of books can be too stimulating as well. Relocate bookshelves to another room and select a few that you are currently reading for your nightstand. Parents may remove their children's toys or store them in a covered basket.

7. Create A Sleep Ritual - There are many different types of rituals that will help your body wind down for a harmonious night's sleep. You may want to spend a couple minutes writing your worries down or anything you must remember for the next day so your mind can let go of the anxiety. Other suggestions include drinking herbal tea, meditating, doing gentle yoga, taking a walk, writing in a gratitude journal and taking a warm bath.