A city full of wonderful design emphasizes potatoes ancient civilization...

مدينة كاملة من البطاطا بتصميم رائع يؤكد الحضارة القديمة
مدينة كاملة من البطاطا بتصميم رائع يؤكد الحضارة القديمةTurkish artist making "Peter Roth," 33 years old, an integrated city of "potato" using the knife carved and formed, according to published Aodta Central site, Ruth stayed three weeks in carving 80 kg of potatoes. And making the most beautiful forms of offices and homes and other things necessary for the integration of the city from his part, recounted the city, saying, "There are parts of the potatoes dry out quickly within a few days and
 there are parts continue for a period of vitality, to blend in the
مدينة كاملة من البطاطا بتصميم رائع يؤكد الحضارة القديمةend design gorgeous betrays an ancient civilization 

Iron Lady's death

British authorities announced on Monday, and the death of the former prime minister, Margaret Thatcher, nicknamed the "strong women" after a long suffering with the disease on the impact of exposure to a stroke at the age of 87 years.

Apple will actually work on producing a new version of her

According to the Wall Street Journal and known always retrieved the news confirmed that Apple will  actually work to produce a new version of her iPhone at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, and will Apple's work on the new device without changing its shape exterior and sufficiency by focusing on the specifications of the device, and at the same time The company will also work on a new version of the iPhone specifications focus on the price of the device is low and is expected to launch this device in the next summer.

And the Apple launch of two devices in the same year and the convergent evidence that the company is experiencing significant pressure from competitors. Samsung continues to deliver profits large and spread terrible, especially with the diversity of organs between cheap and expensive, and its presence in all markets of the worlds, not to mention the situation improved other companies in terms of hardware specifications and launch attractive designs such as HTC and Sony