you'll need some good dog grooming tips before you even go near your dog >>what??

 you'll need some good dog grooming tips before you even go near your dog  >>what


So you've decided to go the home dog grooming route in order to save bucks, right? Well

  • Stainless Steel Scissors - Scissors are used for those hard to reach areas. Buy safety tip scissors if you're trimming in sensitive places or if you have a dog that fidgets.
  • Dog Clippers - Specialized clippers have an advantage over barber clippers in that specialized clippers have snap-on attachments which allow for accurate length.
  • Rubber Brush - this brush is best used for short-haired dogs. You use it against the dog's hide.
Then use the pin brush, which penetrates the hairs more deeply. Make sure you untangle your dog's hair underneath his legs. Most people neglect that part.
Finally, use the wide-tooth comb to take out any left-over tangles. You can also use a finer tooth comb to give him a glossy finish.
Dog Grooming Tips: #5 Warnings
If you use these dog grooming tips regularly, you'll be able to notice warning signs that your dog may have health problems. For instance, pay attention to your dog's stomach. Make sure there's no flaky, red dry skin or lumps. Wouldn't you rather learn how to deal with minor dog health problems before they become major ones?

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